Power Language for Women

Master Your Words, Master Your Power


Are you seen and heard as an authentic and powerful woman leader?


Women leaders often take on the habits of men, including their communication style, and yet we don't feel completely ourselves when using this approach.  

There is no perfect style of communication, but rather there is an inherent set of two key principles that, when mastered, lead to greater outcomes and improved interpersonal relationships.

Many women experience the following problems because they don't know how to properly use these principles:

• Speaking aggressively when under pressure, or resorting to pleasing the other person while forgetting about your needs

• Blaming others, or yourself, when you don't resolve issues effectively

 Not completely trusting other people's motives behind their words

• Avoiding difficult discussions because they seem too hard

• Not being able to negotiate outcomes you want

• Lacking in clarity about why a conversation didn't go well

To be an authentic and powerful woman communicator means to be flexible in our approach, while mastering the hidden dynamics and uncovering the true needs underlying any conversation.

To be effective, women also need to understand and be able to navigate the differing communication approaches and needs of both men and women.

In this inspiring and practical skills-building masterclass, you will engage with a unique and powerful model of leadership communication and begin to rewire your own habits as a strong and feminine leader.


Through the skills-building in 'Power Language for Women', you will achieve greater capacity to:

• Speak authentically while remaining in your core feminine power.

• Cultivate skills in effective 'win-win' dialogues.

• Understand and leverage gender differences in motivation and communication.

• Identify and change your own mis-communication behaviours.

• Know how to positively shift a difficult conversation to resolution.

• Develop greater influence and the ability to negotiate under pressure.


Course Outline

Day 1 

Part 1 – Leadership, Women and the Importance of Trust in the Workplace

Part 2 – The POWER Communication Processs: Developing Emotional Resilience & Interpersonal Savvy

Part 3 -  Leveraging Gender Dynamics in Conversation

Day 2 

Part 4 – Skills-Building in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Mentoring Conversations


2016 Participant Testimonials

“... provides the communication (skills) for life.”

 “… will greatly assist me in strategic planning of discussions and understanding why some people react the way they do.”

 “… helps strengthen my communication and negotiation skills, particularly when dealing with difficult and conflict situations.”

"Made me see another way to communicate to others.  It's not always my way or no way."


Public Course in Parramatta, NSW on April 6 & 7 - for details and registration, use this link.

Contact Elaine to discuss a corporate course customised for your organisation.