Trust Language for Leaders

Recode Your Skills to Enhance Performance & Innovation 


Reprogram and fine tune your professional communication and emotional-intelligence skills and be empowered to up-level your business outcomes by increasing trust, loyalty and confidence with your teams, partnerships and clients.

A core characteristic of high performing and innovative teams is the ability of the team leader to develop trust within its members. In Australia, trust is one of the top 10 values that people want more of in their lives and work. By creating high-trust teams and collaborative partnerships, leaders will be better able to retain key talent and sustain higher levels of engagement with staff and customers.

In this inspiring and skills-building master class for leaders and emerging leaders, you will engage with a unique and powerful communication approach and set of practical tools for building strong and respectful interpersonal relationships with a special focus on gender differences, conflict management and negotiation.

What You Will Learn

• Master the two key components of interpersonal relationships to ensure success in any communication.

• Learn to negotiate and influence people through greater transparency.

• Identify and change your common miscommunication habits.

• Leverage gender differences for greater positive impact.

• Apply emotional resonance to improve engagement and trust.

• Develop greater ease and skill to navigate challenging conversations.

• Improve your ability to plan and create strategic outcomes.

'The Trust Language of Leaders' Course Program

Day 1: 9 am – 5 pm

• Part 1 – Leadership and the Role of Trust In Innovation and Performance

• Part 2 – A 4-Step Process to Powerfully Recode Your Communication Habits

• Part 3 – Leveraging Gender Differences for Successful Outcomes

Day 2: 9 am – 1 pm

• Part 4 – Skills-Building in Negotiation & Conflict Resolution


The course is ideal for corporate clients that are seeking to:

  • Increase team cohesiveness and productivity

  • Improve gender equity

  • Enhance change management programs

  • Reduce bullying and agression 

  • Increase staff engagement

  • Develop higher customer loyalty

The course can also be customised for your staff development needs.  Contact Elaine to discuss bringing the course to your workplace and shifting your business from ordinary to extraordinary.